A twisted dough-strips in Taiwan and USD 30,000,000,000

See a topic a little bit pull, breeze Ma Niu not and mutually and, once saw you just know not to lead long strong, very deep.
Recently, the medium report, as"the reform wins the biggest foreign capital item in western region after opening", the SAMSUNG electronics Shan saves chip item, will soon fall to the ground inland city Xian.At the beginning of this year, the SAMSUNG invested setup to get the examination and approval, henceforth of government in Korea in China, the domestic in great quantities front-line city joined the row or column of battling out this item.But end, Xian outshines others.
Estimate according to Gao Xin Qu in Xian, the item first stage investment will amount to USD 7,000,000,000, if 3 invest mens sunglasses smooth complete, the total investment is about USD 30,000,000,000-obviously, this all has an obvious attraction for any local city.Before this, cities, such as Peking and Chongqing...etc., all once communicated with SAMSUNG, hoped that the item falls to the ground.
Strong Zai Xian, strong Zai China!
The chip is a high technology, Chinese business enterprise is so unable to do, usher in high-tech item is world-wide main category eyes.
Can I disagree.The chip has no so difficult.The Taiwanese makes chip, be in a snack shop, a twisted dough-strips, a pea syrup makes into.
Generally accepted Taiwanese chip industry in the world is strong, match equally with Korea.But this industry is born in a bean milk store of more than 30 year agos.
On the morning of February 7, 1974, bosom in Taipei rather street one wife and children flourish bean milk store, the steamer of doorway shouts to emit hot air, the having of the second floorses are a table of guest, put steaming hot bean milk on the table, a cake of is five hair Qian Yi Tao's baked wheat cake twisted dough-stripses, also have small steamed bun and oily bean curd thin powder.The restaurant is narrow, balcony steps of the 1-2th floors can allow Discount VERSACE Sunglasses one personal top and bottom, 2 people meet with, and a person stops a side body and lets another person leads first.
This morning, small flourish the host of bean milk store really don't know this guest is the person of Taiwanese peak.They have Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs eldest grandson luck 璿 , Minister of Transportation and Communications, Gao Yu Shu, and work to grind director Wang Zhao in the hospital to flap, bureau chief Kang treasure Huang in telecommunication graduate school, there aring also three experts who chasing vein for Taiwan electronics industry the fee Hua and square is together wise, Pan text Yuan.
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